Wildings Gourmet Duck Cracklings


    Wilding’s is the world’s first Duck Crackling, skillfully seasoned with our special blend of spices to deliver a crisp, light textured snack that is full of amazing flavour, offering a taste experience like no other snack.

    Voted joint winner of the Judges Excellence category at the 2017 UK Paleo Awards and runner up in the snack category, the surprising new superfood is gluten free, suitable for those on a paleo diet and rich in Omega 9 and 3.

    Enjoy the crackling straight from the packet or add some zing to soups or salads as a delicious crouton.

    This unique crackling’s raw ingredients are sourced from the British Isles and are considered a nutrient rich food.  It uses forgotten ingredients that would normally fall out of the food chain so it is environmentally conscious.

    Our crackling is high in protein, nutritious and balanced. Snacking may be natural but most snack products are anything but. We believe that natural, nutritious food that is batch cooked by hand tastes better. That’s why we use natural oils, premium grade local duck and the best spices we can source.

    The perfect choice for any crackling lover or food connoisseur.

    Wilding Snacks is a company that brings you exciting products that are full of amazing flavour and texture, offering a taste experience like no other.  We are passionate about real, quality food and are driven to bring sophisticated flavours and textures to all our products.

    We care about sustainability and Wilding’s offers an inspiring, innovative twist on forgotten ingredients that have a lot to offer but are under-utilised.

    Each recipe is developed by hand by our Founder, Adam Wilding, a former head chef.

    The idea of creating this unique snack food was born out of creating Duck Crackling as a canapé course, which didn’t come about easily. It’s notoriously difficult to keep duck crispy. It was only after we discussed attempts to crack the recipe with our team of food scientists that we were able to develop the perfect texture.

    We triple cook our high-quality ingredients and then combine them with delicious natural spices, in our Wiltshire Duck Crackling factory. Doing things ‘our way’ guarantees you the highest quality snack food which is high in protein and a rich source of omega oils.

    Duck Crackling is:

    ✓ Gluten free

    ✓ Paleo

    ✓ No additives or preservatives

    ✓ High protein

    ✓ High in Omega 9

    ✓ A source of Omega 3

    ✓ Made in the UK

    Find Wildings

    Wilding’s Duck Crackling is available direct from our website. Get one free packet of duck crackling with every order by entering code XX

    Also available at Harrods, Partridges in Knightsbridge and Waddeston Manor


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