White Rabbit – Organic Gluten Free Pizza

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    Creating joy, laughter, and organic, gluten-free pizza that doesn’t taste like cardboard. Follow The White Rabbit.

    Traditionally, pizza is about combining high quality ingredients and creating something to be shared with friends and family. We wanted to adapt this message to today’s market; often, it is one person in a family or group of friends who cannot eat gluten, so by creating something good enough for everyone to enjoy, we are honouring that tradition. We never wanted to rush a compromised product to market and simply rely on the distinct lack of alternatives for those avoiding gluten in their diets.

    Quite simply, we want to make authentic, delicious, high-quality pizza accessible to as many people as possible. Ultimately, our recipes are a result of Teo’s heritage; for him, pizza is supposed to be inclusive, not exclusive.

    A delicious, high quality, uncompromised pizza to be enjoyed by as many people as possible. This makes us very happy bunnies indeed! ”

    • gluten free
    • organic

    Find White Rabbit

    Our gluten free pizzas are served at our pubs the White Rabbit Pub Bristol and the White Rabbit Pub Oxford

    They are also available to buy at Planet Organic (London and online), Able & Cole and Sainsbury’s.


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