Entries for the 2018 Nourish Awards are now CLOSED.




It’s time to find out just how good your product is!

Celebrating UK businesses who make truly nutritious and nourishing products and help people living a healthier life.


Do you have a product that is raw? Sprouted? Fermented? Do you make soup? Health drinks with no sugar? Coffee with a difference? Bake gluten, dairy and refined sugar free cakes? Make gluten & dairy free bread or vegan pizza? Do you have a nut butter, nut milk, coconut ice cream, dessert? Is your product high in plant based protein? Do you make the best chocolate with no refined sugar?

We want to hear from you!


25 Categories (scroll down for full list)

There are 20 categories for free-from and naturally free-from products from breakfasts and soups, dairy free ice cream & cheese to bakes and snacks. In addition to that, here is a dedicated category for Dairy products, Children’s food, Subscription Boxes, Small Producers and a Wild Card Category where all ingredients are permitted.

Each category has some guidelines clearly displayed on the entry form and in the Award Guidelines.

Unless exception is given in your category, all entries must be free from gluten, dairy, refined white sugar and artificial flavours and sweeteners.


Entries will be judged by industry experts, nutritionists, natural therapists and professionals including Naomi Devlin (author, teacher at River Cottage), Ugne Bubnaityte (former GBBO contestant) and Wilfred Emmanuel-Jones (founder of The Black Farmer brand).

Products will be judged based on their nutritional qualities, quality of ingredients, health benefits, ethical credentials and more.

Introducing our judges


Awards Gala

The Award Gala ceremony will take place on 21st September at the prestigious Cheltenham Racecourse, home to the Gold Cup.

The event will include a drinks reception with a healthy free-from buffet, networking and photo opportunity and a motivational speaker (TBA).

Hosting the event is Naomi Devlin, author of the River Cottage Gluten Free and Food for a Happy Gut cookbooks, nutritionist, fermented food expert, teacher and unashamed foodie.

Special Awards

Best Organic Entry – in partnership with the Organic Trade Board

Best Ethical Product – partner TBA

Special Award for Innovation – partner TBA

People’s Choice Special Award – chosen by the public – 5 awards will be given (this is entirely separate from the professional judging). Public vote will take place July – August.

Entry Fees

Entries cost £90 / product. This covers the cost of admin, organising, judging and product promotions – including the People’s Choice Award. Each product can enter into up to 3 category, additional categories £30.

We have tried to keep fees as low as possible to open up the Awards for businesses of all sizes.

If you are a micro-business please enter into our Small producers / Made to order category – you can send 3 samples and any recognition will go to you as a small producer not for individual products. This is only open for businesses who sell at their own premises, markets or a few local shops and make everything in small batches and fresh.

Entry Criteria

Unsure which category to enter? Please get in touch, we are happy to look at your product range to advise the most suitable categories for unique products. email hello@freefrominspired.co.uk

Each product can be entered into a maximum of 3 categories and must be free from: MSG, aspartame, GMO ingredients, trans fats and artificial colours and flavours.

Products must be available to order online or purchase at retail outlets in the UK by 30th June 2018.

Apart from 2 categories (16. Dairy with a difference and 25. Wild Card) all products must be free from gluten, wheat and dairy and milk.

Most products must be free from refined sugar and artificial sweeteners. Refined sugar is permitted in some products including soups, savoury bakes, fermented products, ready meals – where applicable, exemption is stated at each category. A full list of permitted sugars and sweeteners can be found in the entry guidelines. Products in the Wild Card category may include refined sugar.

Entries are closing on 30th March!

2018 Nourish Award Categories

  1. Soups (small amount of refined sugar is permitted)
  2. Hot drinks & Broth (tea, coffee, broth, cacao etc. anything that makes a hot drink)
  3. Soft, beauty & health drinks(may also include water flavourings etc. small amount of refined sugar is permitted in fermented products only)
  4. Juices & smoothies (may be fruit or vegetable based, juice kits fresh or frozen, chilled ready juices, must not be pasturised or heated above 40C)
  5. Sweet snacks (including snack bars & fruit based snacks, snack kits, fruit only snacks, raw snacks)
  6. Savoury snacks (including vegetable, nut or seed based snacks, meat based, freeze dried veg, snack kits, crackers etc. –small amount of refined sugar is permitted)
  7. High Protein & Sports nutrition (plant based protein snacks, insect based, bars, meal replacements, shakes and supplements)
  8. Sweet bakes & mixes (including ready baked cakes, cake mixes, flapjacks)
  9. Savoury bakes, bread & mixes (including fresh, frozen bakes and mixes – small amount of refined sugar is permitted)
  10. Breakfasts (cereals, granola, porridge)
  11. Pasta (fresh or dry)
  12. Ready meals and snack pots (chilled, frozen, canned, noodles etc. small amount of refined sugar is permitted)
  13. Dairy Free Milk & cheese (milk and cheese alternatives)
  14. Dairy Free Yoghurts & desserts (yoghurts and chilled desserts)
  15. Dairy Free Ice Cream (frozen desserts)
  16. Dairy with a difference (must have some health benefits or unique properties such as live bacteria, fermented, high protein etc.)
  17. For children (snacks, bars & meals marketed for children, small amount of refined sugar is permitted in ready meals)
  18. Chocolate (bars & buttons only – chocolate based snacks must be entered in the Sweet snacks category)
  19. Raw and Superfoods (may include fruit or vegetable based products, snacks, powdered products such as macha, cacao, turmeric, spirulina etc.)
  20. Gut Friendly & Fermented (including snacks, meals, breakfasts, drinks, starches etc. small amount of refined sugar is permitted)
  21. Sprouted (including breads, breakfasts, snacks must be using sprouted gluten free grains or legumes)
  22. Ingredients (flours, sauces, oils, condiments, spreads, natural sweeteners etc.)
  23. Made to order small producers (enter 3 samples in a single entry, sweet and savoury bakes, snacks, mixes and meals that are sold at local markets, shops or made to order)
  24. Creative delivery (vending, box schemes, hampers, subscriptions, must provide gluten free, vegan, paleo or sugar free product selection)
  25. Wild Card– products may include gluten, dairy and small amount of refined sugar, products must be wholesome and nutritious. (organic, ancient grains, oats, high protein, reduced sugar, products made with butter or have good health benefits)


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