Mr Lee’s Noodles- Gourmet Oriental Noodles

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Mr Lee’s Noodles launched its healthy instant cup noodle range with 6 gourmet, gluten-free flavours. The brand uses only premium quality freeze-dried ingredients to create the “champagne of noodles”, low in salt, sugar, calories and saturated fats.

Award winning Mr Lee’s Noodles are high in nutrients, full of authentic oriental flavours. with no nasties (no artificial colours, flavours, preservatives, additives, MSGs and E numbers) and low in calories, saturated fats, salt and sugar (Sugarwise certified), with a few allergen-free options. Gluten free (Coeliac UK certified).

Mr Lee is a real person, not some fictitious character made up by Madmen. He’s called Damien Lee, a noodle lover, and he’s on a mission to help time-poor people eat better food.

After being diagnosed with cancer and given only a few weeks to live, Damien changed his diet.

“I knew that for me at that time, a diet of no nasties, raw food and chemo, as well as having a determined mind and spirit was the only way to beat this thing.”

“I vowed when I got better to revolutionise noodles and I was determined to make a more healthy noodle. So I’ve created this wonderful noodle, free from any nasties. And get better I did! I was given the all clear and Mr. Lee’s Noodles was born.”

All our noodles are:

  • gluten and wheat free
  • dairy free
  • MSG free
  • contain only natural ingredients

Find Mr Lee's Noodles

Mr Lee’s Noodles are available to order online. You can also find them on South West Trains and Australian Jetstar Airlines!

Use code GFC10 to get 10% off your basket at Mr Lee’s + FREE delivery!


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