Gluten Free Baking & Living

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Join us for one of our fantastic gluten free baking courses! Master the basics of gluten free baking, delicious bread and perfect pastry – whatever skill you’re looking to master, we have the right course for you.

We run courses in Harrogate, West London and the Wirral.

If you can’t make it onto one of our Go To baking courses, the next best thing is our downloadable At Home course.

Designed in a colourful comic book style, the At Home course is made up of four masterclasses teaching you how to make the best gluten free bread, pastry, scones and sponge cake.

With images at every stage of each method, the course is easy to follow with no room for error. Handy hints throughout explain why things are done in a certain way or offer insights into why particular ingredients are used.

Gluten Free Flour

Our gluten free flour blends are a perfect gluten free substitute for wheat flour, with no nasty additives! Our flour really is different – it gives great results to gluten free baking, without GMOs, chemical additives, or weird stabilisers, and it works exactly like wheat flour – first time, every time.

We teach you how to bake the very best gluten free bread, scones, cakes and pastry with no compromises. We have developed innovative flour blends that don’t rely on a sackful of additives. Combined with the specialist techniques you learn your gluten free baking will be transformed.

We believe that ‘pretty good for gluten free’ is not good enough. What you will learn from us is good enough for everybody to want to eat it.

Our courses are packed full of nutritional tips and advice from course leader Deborah, a registered nutritionist with a Bsc in Nutritional Medicine. The courses reflect that we have always shared a great joy in growing and cooking great things for each other to eat.

Food and eating is so much more then just fuel, it can bring joy, delight, comfort, warmth, health. The wrong food, we are now realising to our cost, brings serious ill health. Above all, food and sharing it is about fun, love and caring for each other, your family and friends.

Gluten Free Baking & Living Courses

We run various gluten free courses in London, Wirral and Harrogate.


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