Delicious Alchemy – Gluten free breakfast

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    At Delicious Alchemy, we love our oats. In fact, we love them so much we grow our own – that way we can ensure no gluten makes its way into any of our delicious breakfast products.

    And if oats aren’t for you, never fear – that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy delicious porridge with the help of our Gluten & Dairy Free Rice Flake Porridge! It’s all the goodness of porridge, minus the oats.

    After being diagnosed as coeliac, Emma Killilea very soon became a little miffed at the lack of natural, healthy and delicious gluten free food there was. Not one to quietly grumble in the corner, she did something about it.

    Emma packed in her job as a computer games producer, studied food science and marketing at university. Not long after, Delicious Alchemy was born.

    That was in 2006. Now, we have a fantastic range of high quality gluten free food, from baking and bread mixes to tasty breakfast options.

    Our breakfast products are all free from gluten, with the Oats, Muesli, Instant & Rice Flake Porridge all being free from dairy too.

    Find Delicious Alchemy

    Find our breakfast products at selected Coop stores and online. Use code GETINSPIRED to get free shipping until Dec 31st 2017


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