Our Favourite New Products This Year!

Once again, we had an amazing time at the Allergy Show in London this year! For the first time in years we haven’t been exhibiting ourselves (as our new site is just taking shape) so we had a chance just enjoy the show, meet some amazing people and try some goodies!

Every year, we have hundreds of products sent to us to try, I also judged the Free From Food Awards this year and will be judging the first UK Paleo Awards in a few months. Finding amazing food, that is healthy, different and there is a great need for it always fills me with excitement. I also love convenient products. As a busy working mum, I don’t like compromise on taste, quality but I need speed too! I’m coeliac and lactose intolerant and feel best when I follow a paleo diet, so I’m looking for food that’s free from gluten, soya, dairy and refined sugars – although we all need a treat every now and again!

It was really hard to come up with a list of 10 as there were so many great products this year. So I decided to sneak in an other 5 that I love!

1. Green Sisters delicious gluten free samosas – brand new, frozen party packs, really nice, perfect for sharing;

2. Garbo’s gluten free bread and brioche and delicious freshly baked paleo bread – not in the UK yet, but we are waiting…

3. Go Bites by Kate Percy (you have to try these!). 3 delicious energy bites that have been designed to eat before and after your workouts.

4. Coconut Collaborative Vanilla Yoghurt – no sugar, the perfect topping for strawberries;

5. Stur Water Enhancer – no sugar, lots of taste (great for making fat-bombs too!) and as it happens we forgot to pick up a box at the Allergy Show… (sobbing)


Now, let’s find out who made the final cut! Here are our top 10 favourites – all recommended by FFI!


10. Miiro Ice Lollies

This award winning ice cream is super tasty and free from dairy, gluten and refined sugars. Made with water and coconut milk, sweetened with only grape juice. The chocolate coating is made from raw cacao and coconut sugar. Our only criticism would be the use of gums including guar, cellulose and carrageenan gum – but since ice creams are a treat and this tastes great we can just let this go…Available at Wholfoods, Planet Organic and As Nature Intended. http://www.miiro.co.uk/

9. Liberty Loves – Raw Tarts & Nut Butter

These raw tarts are made with organic ingredients are delicious – we should know, we have tried about 6 different flavours! We can also report that they freeze well. They are super rich, healthy and decadent – with no gluten, dairy or sugar. The case is made from organic oats and sweetness is achieved by using dates and agave nectar. Different flavours have different ingredients obviously so do check it out. They can be ordered online along with Liberty Loves nut butters. http://www.liberty-loves.co.uk/



8. Nush

A range of dairy free joghurts made with either almond or cashew nuts. Made with live cultures and sweetened only with fruit or coconut sugar it’s a great alternative to dairy and soya products. It also makes a great change from coconut products too with a different nutritional profile. Available at Ocado and Wholefoods and Planet Organic in London. http://nushfoods.co.uk/


7. Coconut Nectar – Vegan Honey by The Coconut Merchant

A new product from Coconut Merchant which tastes and feels like honey, sweet and smooth. A great vegan product made from the sweet sap of coconut palm flowers. You can use it in baking too! Available online https://coconut-merchant.com/


6. Jujube Crisp by Abakus

These are naturally sweet, full of goodness with absolutely nothing added. It was a massive hit with our kids. The jujube fruit is also known as “Chinese Date” and grows wild in many Caribbean Islands and in California and other parts of the world. The fruit has been used in traditional Chinese, Persian and Koran medicine and believed to have a variety of uses including antibacterial, anti-inflammatory; may help alleviate stress and even boost fertility. Clinical trials found that it helps with chronic constipation too. You can consume the fruit in a variety of ways, we loved the crisp form, tastes great, crispy and good for you. Available at Ocado, Grape Tree, Wholefoods, As Nature Intended and online www.abakusfoods.com


5. Innate snacks

These new, super healthy snacks are made from natural ingredients with no additives, and designed to not only taste great but support your body too. Come in 3 flavours Beetroot, Spinach and coconut and Butternut squash – they are lovely and crispy and creamy at the same time. A totally new snacking experience! The product is full of goodness, 100% natural, gluten and grain free, dairy free, paleo & vegan. Our super picky kids really enjoyed the spinach one… That’s one way to make kids eat spinach! They are stocked at Wholefoods and also available online. https://www.innatefood.co.uk/


4. Cassava Flour by Isabel’s

We all know the amazing products made by Isabel’s – they sure make our life easier! We are huge fans of the dough ball mix (great kids snack too!) and the yorkshire pudding mix just to name few. A brand new product from Isabel’s is this cassava flour. You can substitute wheat flour 1:1 in baking but you can use it in any way you like including fluffy pancakes, cakes etc. Look out for some recipes coming and we can’t wait to experiment some more. It has a high fibre conent (5.9g / 100g) and high in resistant starch which makes is super gut friendly and healthy. Currently available online http://isabelsfreefrom.co.uk

3. Green Banana flour from Nomad Health

We haven’t been this excited since… well for a very long time! Green banana flour is a fantastic baking ingredient that is naturally free from gluten and grains. It’s high in fibre but it’s main benefit is that it’s very high in resistant starch, a natural pre-biotic, which makes it a super gut friendly and gut supporting food! What’s more, it does not taste like banana! Great for Paleo, gut support and Bulletpoof fans – or anyone else. There are lots of recipes you can make with this, we will be publishing a few soon so watch this space! Available from online https://www.nomadhealth.uk Also look out for their green banana pasta – they are super filling and tasty, we are huge fans!!


2. Freaks of Nature puddings

Delicious dairy-free pudding pots, sweetened with coconut sugar. Also free from gluten, soya, eggs, artificial additives and preservatives. The chocolate pot is super indulgent, we just loved it – ok, we actually argued over the last bites… They are made with cashews, coconut and sweetened with coconut sugar. A paleo friendly dessert pot! We just loved it! Find them at Ocado. More info https://www.freaksofnature.co.uk/


1. Dr Will’s Sauces

Thank you for finally making these products! How we missed our sauces – with no sugar! These were our favourite find at the Allergy Show this year. We tried the tomato sauce before but at the Allergy Show, we got to taste the Beetroot Ketchup and BBQ Sauce too. The BBQ Sauce has been used every day since… Dr Will’s sauces are sweetened with dates, they are super tasty and so convenient, 100% natural. When you are following a paleo type diet with little carbohydrates to provide moisture and need a glutenfree, dairyfree and refined sugar free sauce – this is it! Filling a huge gap in the market, look out for them at independent health food stores or order online http://www.dr-wills.com/


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