Alara Wholefoods – Organic gluten free breakfast

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Alara has five separate product ranges with a total of 10 Gluten Free products.

Organic Scottish Oats Range
A Great-Taste Award Winning breakfast range contains a muesli, porridge and granola. An exceptionally nutritious breakfast, our oats are the only available kiln-dried oats within the UK. Kiln drying brings out a nut-like flavour with a pleasant aroma; it does not destroy enzymes or vitamins, but makes oats more digestible.

Into The Garden – Organic
Two products from this range are Gluten Free, the Goji and Cranberry Muesli and the Active Muesli. The Goji and Cranberry is an Alara best-seller, packed full of berries on a base of soya flakes, puffed quinoa and rice flakes. The Active muesli is designed to help fuel those with a busy lifestyle and thus needing those extra nutrients and vitamins needed for metabolism, energy and stress coping.

Gluten Free Range
This range is designed entirely for those with a gluten intolerance, or who chose to lead a gluten free lifestyle. It includes a variety of mueslis, granolas and oats, all of which are packed of nutritious and delicious ingredients, helping to provide variety to a gluten-free diet.

Alara Cereals is a family business, with Organic being at the heart of the company. Alara was the first cereal company certified as Coeliac and as Zero Waste. With an entire range dedicated solely to Gluten Free products.

Organic Scottish Oats range

  • wheat and gluten free

Into the Garden – Goji and Cranberry Muesli and Acitve Muesli

  • wheat and gluten free

Gluten Free Range

  • wheat and gluten free

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