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Alara has six separate product ranges with a total of 11 Gluten Free products

Organic Scottish Oats Range

A Great-Taste Award winning breakfast range that contains a muesli, a porridge and a granola.

Our organic gluten free oats used in all three products are grown in the rich agricultural lands of the Mains of Haulkerton farm in Aberdeenshire, northeast Scotland. Their rich nutty flavour and exceptional nutritional profile is developed under the long summer sun and the unspoiled nature of Scotland, supported by the most up to date organic methods, honed over the last twenty five years.

The Scottish tradition and nutritional profile is also preserved through kiln drying and stone-milling the oats at the Montgarrie Mill. This preserves the vitamins and enzymes whilst making the oats more digestible. The Mill is over two hundred years old, the last water driven mill in Scotland and sits on a site where oats have been milled since the Middle Ages.

Into The Garden

Our Into The Garden range is a mix of six luxurious and flavourfull cereals, two of which are Gluten-Free;the Goji and Cranberry Muesli and the Active Muesli.

The Goji and Cranberry is an Alara bestseller, packed full with berries and a delicious crunch from seeds, buckwheat, soya flakes, puffed quinoa and rice flakes.

The Active Muesli is designed to help fuel those with a busy lifestyle. Packed full with natural ingredients such as puffed amaranth, a selection of seeds, nuts and dried apples making it very low in natural sugars.

Gluten Free Range

Alara has over 20 years experience in making gluten-free cereals and was the first company in the UK to be registered with the Coeliac Society – registration number 001! It is safe to say we know a thing or two of how to make delicious gluten-free cereals. Our range includes a variety of mueslis, granolas and oats, all packed with nutritious and wholesome ingredients to provide a variety of tasty breakfast cereals that are always sweetened with natural ingredients.

Alara Wholefoods was founded by Alex Smith in 1975 and has since remained a family run business. Currently we produce around 250 types of muesli, with Organic being at the heart of the company.  Our aim is to provide high quality, taste, healthy and innovative cereals.

Alara was the first company in the UK to be registered with the Coeliac Society – registration number 001! Therefore it is safe to say we know a thing or two when it comes to making delicious gluten-free cereals. Additionally we are also the first carbon-neutral and zero waste manufacturer in the world.

Organic Scottish Oats range

  • wheat and gluten free

Into the Garden – Goji and Cranberry Muesli and Acitve Muesli

  • wheat and gluten free

Gluten Free Range

  • wheat and gluten free

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