About Us

About Free From Inspired

According to experts, children today are expected to live a shorter life than their parents. We are here to change that.

Most people don’t fully understand what’s in their food and many products they consume are over processed and contain too much gluten, sugar and low quality dairy leading to an epidemic of auto-immune diseases, allergies, diabetes and obesity.

There are plenty of amazing people and businesses out there, creating fantastic products that can help us feel great by following a healthier diet. Unfortunately, their messages and products are getting lost in a noise and confusion created by mainstream media and the fight for the supermarket shelves.

Free From Media – is the only media company that gives a loud and clear voice to experts and businesses and connects them with customers. We introduce people to product alternatives, ideas, recipes, events, books and more so they can choose foods that makes them feel great and healthy.

Our first platform – Free From Inspired is an online resource that can help millions of people to make better food choices.


Free From Inspired was founded by David and Diana Murphy. Their first site The Gluten Free Centre has launched at the end of 2014 and has won multiple awards. After 2.5 years of running the hub for the coeliac and gluten free community they have decided to open up and feature dairy free and sugar free products too and focus more on healthy eating.


Diana has been judging the Free From Food Awards in 2017 and also the UK’s fist Paleo Awards.


Working with us

We are looking to work with experts, doctors, chefs, nutritionists and businesses who want to share their ideas, recipes, tips and knowledge or introduce people to their products.

We welcome guest blogs, tips, ideas, recipes, press releases, product information, stories etc. – please send them to hello@freefrominspired.co.uk

Make sure you include contact details and a link to your website.


We are also looking to work with advertisers and sponsors – the revenue created from this can help us reach more people. For an info leaflet please email Diana at diana@freefrominspired.co.uk

Looking forward to hearing from you – together we can make a change!


FF Inspired Team