2018 Free-From Food Awards – Judging and Shortlist


FreeFrom Food Awards 2018

by Diana Murphy – Founder at Free From Inspired

I had a great time again this year being part of the judging panel at the prestigious Free From Food Awards. I had the pleasure of trying a variety of breads and all the Food to go products on the day. I’m so pleased to say that standards and quality has improved yet again and free-from food tastes better than ever before!

The innovation demonstrated by producers is outstanding and this very long short list just goes to prove what an amazing job British businesses are doing.

If you need a free-from diet take a look at the shortlisted products, they are all wonderful!

With three new categories this year – FreeFrom Food for Export, FODMAP Friendly Food and Milk Alternatives –  the FreeFrom Food Awards has set off on their second decade in fine style!

The presentation will take place at the Royal College of Physicians on April 17th – by invitation only.

The Shortlist


The Innovation Award – Sponsored byFood Matters Live

  1. Ape SnacksCrunchy Coconut Bites Natural
  2. BFreeBake at Home Triple Seeded Demi Baguette
  3. Clive’s PiesBombay Vegetables with Daal Tart
  4. Gato & CoChocolate & Aubergine Fondant with Spirulina
  5. La CrèmerieBasil Rice Yoghurt
  6. Mahi Fine FoodsOil Free Mint Dressing
  7. Manny’s Sauces Mannynaise
  8. Nibble Protein BitesLemon With Coconut
  9. Oumph!The Chunk
  10. Oumph!Pulled Oumph!
  11. ProtongProtein Snack Bar – Goji Berry
  12. Root OneChickpea Penne
  13. Skinny BrandsLager
  14. TescoFree From Blue Cheese – coconut oil alternative
  15. The CooperativeFree From No Added Sugar Fruit Muesli
  16. The Progressive Food CompanyIndividual Long Life 12g Soya Milk Portions
  17. Ugo ThrivePumpkin & Sage Raviolini


‘No top 14’ allergens

  1. The Gluten Free Flour CoAlevra Gluten Free White Bread Mix
  2. Angels & CookiesFree From & Vegan Chunky Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough
  3. Anila’s SaucesDhansak Korma Curry Sauce
  4. Anila’s SaucesSpicy Mild Curry Sauce
  5. Big OzOzies Gluten Free Sweetcure Flavour Snacks
  6. Creative NatureOrganic Chia & Cacao Brownie Mix
  7. Eat RealQuinoa Kale Puffs (Jalapeno Cheddar)
  8. Essy & BellaRaspberry Crunch – Alternative to Milk Chocolate
  9. Good4UEnergy Balls Mint & Cocoa
  10. Gosh!Sweetcorn & Quinoa Bites with a hint of Harissa & Paprika
  11. Le Conserve Della NonnaBechamel White Sauce
  12. Mahi Fine FoodsSweet Chilli Cranberry
  13. My GammiesMixed Cupcakes
  14. My GammiesChocolate Frosted Celebration Cake
  15. OrgranVegan Easy Egg
  16. Really IndianKeralan Fresh Cooking Sauce
  17. Really IndianMumbai Fresh Cooking Sauce
  18. TescoFree From Blackcurrant Cheese Cakes
  19. Ugo ThrivePumpkin & Sage Raviolini
  20. Willow KitchenVegan Joppa Cake


Start Ups and Small Producers – Sponsored by Tesco

  1. Brave FoodsPaprika & Chilli Roasted Peas
  2. Dakin DelightsChocolate Covered Caramels (Raw)
  3. Freaks of NatureChoc & Awe
  4. GoodioLicorice & Sea Buckthorn Chocolate
  5. Green SistersLow Fodmap De’Licious Samosa
  6. La CrèmerieOriginal Rice Yoghurt
  7. Mount Olympus Pure Foods LtdGoats Kefir
  8. Pep & LekkerGleaming Gold Soup
  9. ProtongProtein Snack Bar – Almond
  10. Skinny BrandsLager
  11. Spice SanctuaryOrganic Gluten Free Asafoetida (Hing)
  12. The Grassroots BakeryOrganic Gluten Free Brown Bread Mix
  13. Wicked WholefoodsFor the Love of Nuts – Almond Brazil Cashew Coconut
  14. Wildcraft BakeryBrioche
  15. Wildcraft BakeryBuckwheat Sourdough Loaf
  16. Willow KitchenVegan Joppa Cake

• NEW • FODMAP Friendly Foods – Sponsored by FODMAP Friendly

  1. Afia’s Samosa ShopLow FODMAP Aloo Paratha
  2. Anila’s SaucesDhansak Korma Curry Sauce
  3. Anila’s SaucesGoan Green Curry Sauce
  4. Anila’s SaucesFruity Mild Curry
  5. Anila’s SaucesSpicy Mild Curry
  6. Fodmapped for YouGreen Curry Simmer Sauce
  7. Jake’s BoostCacao Boost
  8. Mount Olympus Pure Foods LtdLemon Goats’ Kefir
  9. Tideford OrganicsTomato & Basil Soup with Red Peppers & Miso
  10. The Tiger Nut CompanyTiger Nuts Powder
  11. Two BirdsBare Super Seeds Breakfast Boost
  12. Willow KitchenVegan Joppa Cake

• NEW • FreeFrom Foods for Export – Sponsored by Delamere Dairy

  1. Beckleberry’sBlackcurrant & Martini Sorbet
  2. BonieriBella Box Cremini
  3. Coconuts NaturallyCoconut Caramel Organic Dairy-free Ice Cream
  4. Essy & BellaGinger Ale – Alternative to Milk Chocolate
  5. Freee by Doves FarmPlain White Flour
  6. Mahi Fine FoodsPeri Peri Hot
  7. Prewett’sGorgeous Gluten Free Quadruple Chocolate Cookies
  8. Breakfast foods – Sponsored by Integrated Food Projects Ltd
  9. AsdaFree From Golden Syrup Flavour Porridge Pot
  10. BFreeOaty Loaf
  11. GoVeganOrganic Croissants with Chocolate Cream (made with sourdough starter)
  12. LoveTasteBreakfast Smoothie
  13. NushAlmond Milk Yoghurt Blueberry
  14. Planet OrganicAncient Grain Granola Raspberry & Beetroot (with quinoa, teff & amaranth)
  15. PulsinPorridge Oat Bar – Super Seed & Maple
  16. Ready RawMini Pain au Chocolat
  17. TescoFree From Honey Hoops
  18. TescoFree From 4 White Bagels
  19. The CooperativeFree From Berry Granola
  20. Wildcraft BakeryBrioche

• NEW • Milk Product Alternatives

  1. AsdaDairy Free Mature Cheese Block
  2. AsdaLactose free Mozzarella
  3. Bute IslandDairy Free Grated White Cheddar Style
  4. ColdpressAlmond Banana, Raw Cacao Drink
  5. Delamere DairySpreadable Goats’ Butter
  6. Gallo UK3 grains, rice, buckwheat and quinoa drink
  7. Gallo UKVenere wholemeal black rice drink
  8. La CrèmerieOriginal Rice Yoghurt
  9. Mount Olympus Pure Foods LtdGreek Goats Kefir
  10. NushAlmond Milk Yoghurt Banoffee
  11. Ooomega100% plant based Flax drink Original
  12. TescoLactose Free Greek Style Yoghurt
  13. TescoLactose Free Mascarpone
  14. TescoLactose Free Mozzarella
  15. TescoLactose Free Creamy Blue Cheese
  16. TescoFree From Jalapeno & Chilli Cheddar – coconut oil alternative
  17. The Progressive Food CompanyIndividual Long Life Soya Milk Portions
  18. Tyne CheaseSmoked Cashew Chease
  19. VitalifeDairy Free Spread

Breads – Sponsored by Ilumi

  1. AsdaFree From 4 Seeded Brown Rolls
  2. AsdaGluten Free Garlic & Coriander Naan Bread
  3. AsdaFree From White Sliced Bread Loaf
  4. AsdaFree From Seeded White Sliced Bread Loaf
  5. FriaRustic Sourdough Loaf
  6. JuvelaPart-Baked Fibre Rolls
  7. JuvelaPart-Baked White Rolls
  8. OcadoFree From Seeded Bloomer
  9. TescoFree From Olive Bloomer
  10. Wildcraft BakeryBuckwheat Sourdough Loaf

Store cupboard – Sponsored by Genius Gluten Free

  1. AsdaFree From Gravy Granules
  2. AsdaFree From Sage & Onion Stuffing Mix
  3. AvikoSweet Potato Gastro Gratin
  4. BfreeStone Baked Pizza Bases
  5. Bob’s Red MillGluten Free 1-2-1 Baking Flour
  6. Dr Will’sBBQ Sauce
  7. Dr Will’sBeetroot Ketchup
  8. Freee by Doves FarmBuckwheat Flour 1kg
  9. Freee by Doves FarmPizza Base Mix 350g
  10. Free and EasyGinger Cake Mix Coconut Blossom Sugar
  11. GranovitaMayola Squeezy
  12. Mahi Fine FoodsSmokey Ketchup
  13. MayoriceOrganic Mayonnaise
  14. Ocean CrownGluten Free Mussels with Honey & Mustard Pasta Sauce
  15. OrgranVegan Easy Egg
  16. Seren’s KitchenNut-Free Marzipan
  17. Spice SanctuaryOrganic Thai It Right
  18. Spice SanctuaryOrganic Gluten Free Asafoetida (Hing)
  19. Sweet FreedomChoc Shake Caramel
  20. TescoFinest Salsa Verde
  21. TescoFree From Mayo-Maize
  22. The CooperativeGreen Thai Cooking Sauce
  23. The CooperativeRed Thai Cooking Sauce
  24. The Grassroots BakeryOrganic Gluten Free Brown Bread Mix
  25. The Grassroots BakeryOrganic Gluten Free White Bread Mix
  26. The Real Yorkshire Pudding Co 4” Gluten Free Yorkshire Puddings

Pasta and Pizza – Sponsored by  Sacla

  1. AsdaFree From Fusilli
  2. AsdaFree From Pepperoni Pizza
  3. Freee by Doves FarmGreen Pea Penne
  4. Gusto NeroOrganic Gluten Free Jasmine Black Rice Macaroni
  5. HeliosGluten Free Twist
  6. HeliosOrzo Gluten Free Pasta
  7. OcadoFree From Pepperoni Pizza
  8. Root OneChickpea Penne
  9. Root OneChickpea Fusilli
  10. Ugo ThrivePumpkin & Sage Raviolini
  11. The White Rabbit Pizza CoSmokin’ Vegan
  12. The White Rabbit Pizza CoViva La Vegan
  13. The White Rabbit Pizza CoChorizo Loco
  14. WholecreationsGluten Free Margherita Pizza

Superfoods & Sports Supplements – Sponsored by Tiana Fair Trade Organics

  1. Choc ChickChoc Go Cacao Nibbles
  2. Choc ChickSuper Blend of Organic raw Cacao Power with Turmeric and Ginger
  3. ClearspringOrganic 100% Raw Austrian Pumpkin Seed Protein Powder
  4. CocomojoChoco Chocolate Flavoured Coconut Milk Drink with added protein
  5. Elementary LifeVital superfood supplement
  6. LibertoCoconut & Lemon Flavoured Organic Protein Shake
  7. Longhaul EnduranceSweet Potato and Sesame Endurance Sports Food
  8. Nibble Protein BitesLemon With Coconut
  9. Pic’s Peanut ButterCrunchy No Salt
  10. Pic’s Peanut ButterSmooth No Salt

‘Food to go’

  1. Afia’s Samosa ShopWheat & Gluten Free Chicken Pakora
  2. AsdaChow Mein Noodle Pot
  3. Brave FoodsPaprika & Chilli Roasted Peas
  4. Jake’s BoostTiger Boost snack pot
  5. TescoLactose Free Coconut & Chia Granola Yoghurt Pot
  6. The CooperativeGluten Free Chicken Caesar Sandwich
  7. The CooperativeIrresistible Tuscan Tomato & Lentil Soup
  8. The CooperativeFree From Coconut Yoghurt
  9. The Raw FixSmokey Coconut & Banana Clusters
  10. Down the Pub and the Bar – Sponsored by Asda
  11. Autumn BrewingALT BREW NO02 English Pale Ale
  12. Autumn BrewingALT BREW NO03 Dark Roast Stout
  13. Bellfield BreweryLawlessVillage IPA
  14. Black Isle BrewerySession IPA Goldfinch
  15. Brass Castle BreweryBad Kitty’s Vanilla Porter
  16. Brass Castle BrewerySunshine IPA can
  17. DauraPilsner Lager (can)
  18. DauraMarzen Double Malted Beer
  19. Driftwood SparsUnexpected
  20. Hop Back BreweryCircle Bottle Conditioned Ale
  21. Hop Back BreweryTaiphoon Lemongrass Beer
  22. Magic Rock BrewingFantasma IPA can
  23. Monty’s BreweryDark GF Stout
  24. Monty’s BreweryGF Beer Masquerade
  25. Ridgeway BreweryIPA Gluten Free Red
  26. Ridgeway BreweryOxfordshire Blue Gluten Free Pale Ale
  27. WadworthGluten Free Golden Ale

Savoury Snacks and Crackers – Sponsored by Romer Labs

  1. BoundlessActivated Nuts & Seeds Cayenne & Rosemary
  2. Brave FoodsGarlic & Chive Roasted Peas
  3. Gallo UK3 Grains Crackers
  4. GranovitaRed Pepper Pate
  5. iRaw Healthy HabitsSunshine in a Box, Organic Vegan Raw Crackers
  6. JuvelaGluten-Free Cripsbread
  7. Nairn’sSmoked Paprika Snackers
  8. Nairn’sOriginal Flatbread
  9. Nairn’sRosemary & Seasalt Flatbread
  10. Patteson’s OriginalGluten Free Puff Pastry Cheese Bakes
  11. Prewett’sMini Cheddar Cheese Biscuits
  12. PurelyPlantain Wild Garlic Chips
  13. Pyman PâtésOrganic Chestnut Mushroom Pâté
  14. QuibblesSour Cream & Onion Cashews
  15. Raw & WildActivated Pili Nuts – Himalayan Pink Salt
  16. Raw & WildActivated Pili Nuts – Turmeric & Ginger
  17. Ready RawSundried Tomato Bagel Bites
  18. The CooperativeIrresistible Hand Cooked Sea Salt & Chardonnay Wine Vinegar Crisps
  19. TraidcraftHerby Geosticks

Meaty and Fishy Ready Meals – Sponsored bySYNLAB

  1. Afia’s Samosa ShopWheat & Gluten Free Chicken Pakora
  2. AsdaFree From Beef Lasagne
  3. AsdaExtra Special 12 Pork Chipolatas
  4. AsdaExtra Special 6 Pork & Caramelised Red Onion Sausages
  5. Birds EyeGluten Free Fish Fillets
  6. Field FareGluten Free Chicken, Ham & Leek Pie
  7. Field FareGluten Free Steak & Ale Pie
  8. Musk’sSlim & Slender Sausages
  9. Rule of CrumbChicken Kiev gluten and lactose free
  10. TescoFree From King Prawn Singapore Noodles
  11. TescoFree From 2 Crispy  Breaded Cod Fillets
  12. TescoFree From Katsu Chicken Curry
  13. TescoFree From 2 Chicken Pies
  14. TescoFree From 2 Steak Pies
  15. The Black FarmerPremium Pork Sausages

Veggie Ready Meals – Sponsored byOrgran

  1. ABCDCeliane Organic GF Vegan Meal: Quinoa with Red Kidney Beans and Tomatoes
  2. AsdaFree From Macaroni Cheese
  3. AsdaSingapore Curry Noodle Pot
  4. AsdaFree From Cheese and Onion Quiche
  5. Field FareGluten Free Roasted Vegetable and Goat’s Cheese Pie
  6. Oumph!Pulled Oumph!
  7. Pep & LekkerGleaming Gold Soup
  8. TescoFree From 4 Spiced Bean Wedges
  9. Foods designed for children – Sponsored by FREEE by Doves Farm
  10. AsdaFreeFrom Frieda the Caterpillar Cake
  11. AsdaEaster Bunny
  12. BFreePitta Pockets
  13. CocomojoBerry – Strawberry Flavoured Coconut Milk Drink wiyh added protein
  14. Coconuts NaturallyRaw Chocolate Organic Dairy Free Ice Cream
  15. Green SistersVeggie’Licious Samosas
  16. Nairn’sChoc Chip Astro Bites
  17. NushAlmond Kids Strawberry Tubes
  18. Eat RealKids Veggie Straws
  19. Rule of CrumbChocolate Eclairs – gluten and dairy free
  20. TescoFreeFrom Cirspy Breaded Haddock Fillet Goujons
  21. TescoFreeFrom Pulled Beef and Red Wine Ragu
  22. TescoFreeFrom Carl the Caterpillar Cake

Tea Time! – Sponsored by Prewett’sNorthumbrian Fine Foods

  1. AsdaFree From 8 Cranberry & Orange Oaty Cookies
  2. AsdaFree From Raspberry & Coconut Flapjack Slices
  3. AsdaFree From Hot Cross Buns
  4. B-TemptedRaspberry White Chocolate Pistachio Cake
  5. MorrisonsThe Best Free From Shortbread Selection
  6. Mr KiplingAlmond Slices
  7. Marnie SearchwellVegan Rich Dark Chocolate Cake
  8. Marnie SearchwellSugar-free Chocolate & Almond Cake
  9. Nairn’sChunky Biscuit Breaks Berry
  10. OcadoGold Free From All Butter Cookies
  11. Ready RawMini Sultana Buns
  12. TescoFree From 12 Rocky Road Mini Bites
  13. The Conscientious CookVegan Chocolate Chip Cookies
  14. The Conscientious CookVegan Superfood Flapjacks
  15. The CooperativeFree From 5 Rocky Road Squares
  16. The Gluten Free KitchenBakewell Tarts

Desserts and Puddings – Sponsored by Mrs Crimbles

  1. AsdaItalian Coffee Desserts
  2. Booja BoojaCaramel Pecan Praline
  3. Booja BoojaChocolate Salted Caramel
  4. Coconuts NaturallyRum & Raisin organic dairy-free ice cream
  5. Freaks of NatureChoc & Awe
  6. Gato & CoChocolate & Coconut Brownie with Chia Seeds
  7. Goodness GrainsMince Pies
  8. Rule of CrumbChocolate Eclairs – Gluten Free & Dairy Free
  9. Rusland PoolJam Sponge
  10. TescoFree From Millionaire’s Dessert
  11. TescoFree From Sticky Toffee Pudding
  12. TescoFree From Chocolate Gateau
  13. TescoFree From 4 Chocolate Eclairs
  14. TescoFree From Blackcurrant Cheesecakes
  15. Tescofree From Lemon Meringue Pie
  16. The CooperativeFree From Chocolate Ganache Pot
  17. The CooperativeFree From Coffee Dessert
  18. WholecreationsPosh Puds Rich Melting Belgian Chocolate Desserts
  19. WholecreationsLittle Kings

Confectionery and Chocolate – Sponsored byWellaby’s

  1. AsdaFreeFrom Truffle Collection
  2. AsdaExtra Special Easter Egg
  3. BonieriDiva Box Sugar Free Gianduiotti
  4. Booja BoojaHazelnut Crunch Truffles
  5. Celtic ChocolatesChoices Caramel Flavoured Choices
  6. Cocoa LibreDairy Free Chocolate Honeycomb
  7. Dakin DelightsChocolate Covered Caramels
  8. Moo FreeOrganic Milk Chocolate Alternative
  9. PacariOrganic Chocolate Los Rios 72% Cacao, Single Region Fine Chocolate
  10. PacariOrganic Chocolate  Raw 70% Cacao
  11. PlamilSo Free Milk Chocolate Alternative Thin Organic Fairtrade
  12. Raw & WildActivated Pili Nuts – Raw Chocolate & Coconut
  13. The Raw Choc Pie CompanyRaw Salted Caramel Fudge Pie
  14. Tescofinest*Free From Indulgent Selection

Bars – cereal, fruit, superfood, grain-free etc – Sponsored by Synergis Marketing

  1. Bakes and BallsHowgills’ Gingerbread Balls
  2. BoostballPeanut Butter Cookie Dough (Protein Ball)
  3. BoostballCoconut Fudge Cake (Protein Ball)
  4. BoostballMaple & Cinnamon Roll (Protein Ball)
  5. getbuzzingnut-free CHERRY protein bar
  6. Gregory’s TreeBlueberry & Raspberry Double Fruit Twists
  7. Go-AheadCoconut Raw Fruit & Oat Bar
  8. PlamilSo Free No Added Sugar Espresso Dark Chocolate UTZ Snack Bar
  9. The Protein Ball CoLemon + Pistachio  Protein balls
  10. ProtongProtein Snack Bar – Almond
  11. PulsinPeanut Choc Chip Raw Choc Brownie
  12. TescoFree From 5 Twin Packs of Oaty Granola Bars with Honey
  13. Wild TrailCarrot Cake fruit, veg & nut bar

FreeFrom Hero – Sponsored by Lucy Bee

  1. Leo Coats, owner of the Redwood Café, Swan Lane park, London N20
  2. Kevin Dunne, New Product Development technician, Northumberian Fine Foods
  3. Mrs M Jenvey, food tech teacher, Backwell School, North Somerset
  4. Jacqueline McPeake, catering manager Manchester Metropolitan University
  5. Tom Thexton, Head Gluten-free Baker at The Bread Factory (and Coeliac)
  6. Steve Whitaker and Jason Conners, cook at “Over the Wall” camp (employed by Bryanston School, Dorset)


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